Musings from Day One of CSTD 2012

The 2012 CSTD Conference kicked of today in Toronto. Today’s focus was on Research to Practice and it was interesting hearing what is new and even not so new in learning. One of the more dominant themes today, at least in the sessions I attended, was informal learning.

From the comments and feedback I heard both in and outside of the sessions , it appears that there was a desire for clarity on two fronts: a definition (maybe even a taxonomy) for informal learning and then some concrete examples that one could relate their practice to in their own domain or context whether it be banking, military, retail or government or any other environment.

Despite my tangent, however, the intent of this post was not to explore informal learning but the topic did generate a lot of discussion both inside and outside of the sessions which brings me to my point …’s focus on research to practice succeeded in it’s intent to get us thinking, and challenging ideas and reflecting. Today reminded me why I make the conference every year a personal priority. While the value of the sessions are great, the opportunity to connect and share experiences and to engage and re-engage with new and not so new colleagues and ideas is just as great.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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