CSTD Conference = Adventures in Informal Learning

I had been looking forward to the CSTD Conference in Toronto, but instead of the anticipation being about hearing speakers present their knowledge, it was much more about connecting with friends, colleagues and the thought leaders in my PLN (especially Jane Bozarth, Clark Quinn, Harold Jarche and Etienne Wenger)

Most of the sessions I attended emphasized the importance of recognizing and supporting informal learning opportunities, which is exactly how I was learning at the conference. While I enjoyed the sessions, the real learning took place outside the conference rooms and in the hallways, over breakfast or coffee or dinner, and over Twitter. I learned more in a few 10-15 minute conversations then I ever could have have expected to learn during a session. It was the connection and the exchange between people that made my learning so valuable and relevant, and fun.

I won’t list all of my new and old friends that contributed to my learning over the three days of the conference, but you know who you are. Here’s to continuing our informal learning adventures together whether it be on Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook or the new CSTD website ….see you next year!

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