Getting Back to Practice & The 10 Tools Challenge

Leave it to Jane Hart to find an innovative way of motivating us L&D types to revisiting our practice for 2013 (and to get us blogging again).

I welcome the 10  Tools challenge  to come out of semi-winter hibernation and to get back at it again.

My first tool will be Google+ as a way to kick start my 2013 learning professional development.  I’ve had a Google+ account now for quite some time but because of my undying love for Twitter, never really gave it a fair shake. So, moving forward from today for the next month I will make it key tool in my professional development and a way to further connect with my PLN.

Please look for me on Google+ (Nancy Slawski)  and if you are an avid Google+’er  (what are you called?) please reach out. I look forward to connecting and learning from and with you.

If you want to take the Ten Tools Challenge – visit :








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  1. Actually a good idea to start with Google Plus, I’ve been on Google plus for more than a year, read occasionally and never post anything. same reason as you: I’m active on Twitter. Might be an idea to try for a month?

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