Media Annotation Tools (MAT) in Blended Learning

I came across a research study this morning on the use of Media Annotation Tools (MAT) as part of a learning blend with university students in Australia.

While I’ve designed many learning programs with varying blends, I’ve never used a media annotation tool that would allow learners to interact in this way.

The study looks at the integration of MAT across several disciplines but an example of how it was used with post-graduate law students is described below:

…[students annotated].. a professionally produced video of a moot, or simulated court presentation. The aim was to scaffold learning in three areas: the knowledge, skills and ethics of advocacy, including persuasive argument and court etiquette. Later, students used the understandings scaffolded by MAT to engage in face-to-face role-plays as advocates in a simulation played out in a court (Douglas, Lang, Colasante, Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, Vol. 11 [2014], Iss. 2, Art. 7 p.2)

The use of MAT wasn’t without its challenges, but I thought it was rather a clever way to increase engagement, collaboration and reflection when using video as part of a larger blend.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has use media annotation successfully in a corporate program and what tools worked best. I could really see its application in leadership and soft skills programs.


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